Coat hangers

Intense and expressive objects that tell of a non-dogmatic research, a passion for design gesture which have always been important aspects in the production of Colombo Design. Metaphor of a modern, free and adaptable lifestyle, of a home that flexibly changes in time

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Hook LC77 Colombo Design
19.30EUR 15.45EURSale: 15.44EURSave: 20% off
Hook LC87 Colombo Design
39.70EUR 31.76EURSale: 31.76EURSave: 20% off
Hook LC97 Colombo Design
19.10EUR 15.27EURSale: 15.28EURSave: 20% off
Hook MO17 Colombo Design
34.10EUR 27.28EURSale: 27.28EURSave: 20% off
Hook B2717 Colombo Design
6.20EUR 4.97EURSale: 4.96EURSave: 20% off
Hook B2727 Colombo Design
12.40EUR 9.92EURSale: 9.92EURSave: 20% off
Hook W4917 Colombo Design
27.60EUR 22.08EURSale: 22.08EURSave: 20% off
Hook LC67 Colombo Design
26.80EUR 21.44EURSale: 21.44EURSave: 20% off
Hook AR37 Colombo Design
39.60EUR 31.68EURSale: 31.68EURSave: 20% off
Hook GM17 Colombo Design
23.80EUR 19.04EURSale: 19.04EURSave: 20% off
Hook MH17 Colombo Design
34.90EUR 27.93EURSale: 27.92EURSave: 20% off
Hook EB17 Colombo Design
17.50EUR 14.01EURSale: 14.00EURSave: 20% off
Hook EB27 Colombo Design
25.70EUR 20.56EURSale: 20.56EURSave: 20% off
Hook LC47 Colombo Design
36.20EUR 28.96EURSale: 28.96EURSave: 20% off
Hook LC57 Colombo Design
22.70EUR 18.17EURSale: 18.16EURSave: 20% off

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