The simplicity is difficut to archieve: when we see something so simple that makes us say "I could have done it by myself", means that behind there is the work of a team of designers who worked for essentiality.
Basic is the new challenge of Colombo Design: objects designed, thoughts and edited with a quality and price "accessible"

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Irremovable soap dish holder B2781 Colombo Design
36.00EUR 28.80EURSale: 28.80EURSave: 20% off
Soap dish holder B701 Colombo Design
32.90EUR 26.33EURSale: 26.32EURSave: 20% off
Glass holder B2702 Colombo Design
26.71EUR 21.36EURSale: 21.36EURSave: 20% off
Soap dispenser B9332 Colombo Design
68.80EUR 55.03EURSale: 55.04EURSave: 20% off
Shelf B2716 Colombo Design
85.40EUR 68.32EURSave: 20% off
Hook B2717 Colombo Design
5.90EUR 4.72EURSale: 4.72EURSave: 20% off
Hook B2727 Colombo Design
11.90EUR 9.52EURSave: 20% off
Double bar towel holder B2712 Colombo Design
44.90EUR 35.92EURSave: 20% off
Double Towel holder B2788 Colombo Design
64.20EUR 51.36EURSale: 51.36EURSave: 20% off
Rack towel holder B2787 Colombo Design
138.10EUR 110.48EURSave: 20% off
Ring towel holder B2731 Colombo Design
28.60EUR 22.88EURSale: 22.88EURSave: 20% off
Single corner basket for shower B2732 Colombo Design
51.20EUR 40.97EURSale: 40.96EURSave: 20% off
Single corner basket for shower B2733 Colombo Design
52.59EUR 42.08EURSale: 42.08EURSave: 20% off
Towel holder cm. 31 B2709 Colombo Design
32.90EUR 26.33EURSale: 26.32EURSave: 20% off

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