Sometimes the research of a formal design in every day used objects might give to functionality a secondary role. Thanks to Arch. Piet Billekens the project PLUS has re-established the balance between concept and function, designing furnishing complements free from any style or trend.
The highest attention was also given to the materials, with a peculiar control to the manufacturing process granted by Companies sharing the common concepts of total quality


Irremovable glass holder W4902 Colombo Design
69.40EUR 55.52EURSale: 55.52EURSave: 20% off
Soap dispenser W4981 Colombo Design
85.50EUR 68.41EURSale: 68.40EURSave: 20% off
Jumbo standing soap dispenser W4980XL Colombo Design
108.10EUR 86.49EURSale: 86.48EURSave: 20% off
Standing glass holder W4941 Colombo Design
45.90EUR 36.72EURSale: 36.72EURSave: 20% off
Standing soap dish holder W4940 Colombo Design
47.30EUR 37.84EURSale: 37.84EURSave: 20% off
Standing soap dispenser W4980 Colombo Design
66.70EUR 53.36EURSale: 53.36EURSave: 20% off
Shelf W4916 Colombo Design
80.10EUR 64.07EURSale: 64.08EURSave: 20% off
Paper holder left hand W4908SX Colombo Design
42.90EUR 34.32EURSale: 34.32EURSave: 20% off
Paper holder right hand W4908 Colombo Design
42.80EUR 34.25EURSale: 34.24EURSave: 20% off
Paper holder right hand W4908DX Colombo Design
43.00EUR 34.40EURSale: 34.40EURSave: 20% off
Double paper holder W4990 Colombo Design
51.80EUR 41.44EURSale: 41.44EURSave: 20% off
Paper holder W4992 Colombo Design
35.80EUR 28.65EURSale: 28.64EURSave: 20% off
Double bar towel holder W4913 Colombo Design
69.40EUR 55.52EURSale: 55.52EURSave: 20% off
Extensible double bar towel holder W4914 Colombo Design
99.10EUR 79.28EURSale: 79.28EURSave: 20% off

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