Portofino is Colombo's Design solution for the bathroom with classic forms and linear; the highest standard guaranteed 10 years

Soap dish holder B3201 Colombo Design
65.80EUR 50.56EURSale: 52.64EURSave: 20% off
Glass holder B3202 Colombo Design
65.80EUR 50.56EURSale: 52.64EURSave: 20% off
Shelf B3216 Colombo Design
189.20EUR 145.52EURSale: 151.36EURSave: 20% off
Paper holder B3208 Colombo Design
57.40EUR 44.08EURSale: 45.92EURSave: 20% off
Paper holder with cover B3291 Colombo Design
75.40EUR 58.00EURSale: 60.32EURSave: 20% off
Ring towel holder B3231 Colombo Design
75.90EUR 58.32EURSale: 60.72EURSave: 20% off
Double bar towel holder B3212 Colombo Design
100.80EUR 77.38EURSale: 80.64EURSave: 20% off
Towel holder cm. 34.8 B3209 Colombo Design
80.20EUR 61.61EURSale: 64.16EURSave: 20% off
Towel holder cm. 44.8 B3210 Colombo Design
84.40EUR 64.78EURSale: 67.52EURSave: 20% off
Towel holder cm. 59.8 B3211 Colombo Design
90.10EUR 69.16EURSale: 72.08EURSave: 20% off
Hanging brush holder B3207 Colombo Design
118.80EUR 86.80EURSale: 95.04EURSave: 20% off
Hook CD87 Colombo Design
17.70EUR 14.16EURSale: 14.16EURSave: 20% off
Hook CD97 Colombo Design
34.50EUR 27.60EURSale: 27.60EURSave: 20% off
Standing brush holder B3206 Colombo Design
111.80EUR 85.86EURSale: 89.44EURSave: 20% off

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