Soft and round lines combined with a square base, allow the inclusion of these items in the bathrooms of all houses completing and resolving, with thei multi-functional feature, the various requirements of furniture


Standing column cm.66,5 B9904 Colombo Design
264.90EUR 211.91EURSale: 211.92EURSave: 20% off
Standing column cm.80,5 B9903 Colombo Design
338.90EUR 271.12EURSale: 271.12EURSave: 20% off
Standing column cm.80.5 B9915 Colombo Design
231.80EUR 185.44EURSave: 20% off
Standing column cm.81 B9918 Colombo Design
408.30EUR 326.64EURSale: 326.64EURSave: 20% off
Standing column with two towel holder B9902 Colombo Design
215.31EUR 172.24EURSale: 172.24EURSave: 20% off

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